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Brow Lift

brow lift toronto
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Browlift may be performed under general anaesthetic or under local anaesthetic with sedation. It is often performed as an outpatient procedure, however, depending on the technique utilized, it may require an overnight stay.

Once again, depending on the technique that best achieves the patients' goals and expectations, the surgery may take 1.5 to 3 hours to perform.

The traditional browlift utilizes a transverse incision across the scalp, behind the hairline, while the endoscopic techniques are performed through several small scalp incisions made behind the hairline, resulting in a shorter recovery time. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The best method for a particular patient can only be determined at the time on an "in-person" consultation, which includes a thorough physical examination.

There are risks and complications with all surgical procedures such as bleeding and infection. These, as well as other complications specific to browlift surgery, such as forehead muscle weakness, scalp numbness (more common with the traditional method), asymmetry and localized hair loss will be discussed in detail at the time of consultation.

After Surgery

o 1st post-operative visit within 24 - 48 hours after surgery to check for bleeding, level of discomfort, to remove head dressing and to answer any immediate concerns. Patient can begin to shower and wash hair at this time.
o 1st week after surgery; may return to work with endoscopic technique, may have some bruising, resume normal daily activities, no heavy lifting or working out.
o 10 - 14 days after surgery; return to work, bruising generally gone, "presentable" at this time after traditional method, vigorous activity (exercise, heavy lifting), sun exposure restricted.
o 4 - 6 weeks after surgery; resume normal exercising activity, lifting, etc.
o 3 - 6 months or more, numbness usually resolves.



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